BS225 : The Factory for sale in Sankampeang, Chiangmai

房源编号 : BS225

泰铢 16,500,000 - 商业 出售
更新: 10 Jan 2018
房源分类: 商业
土地面积 (平方哇): 513 平方哇
土地面积 (平方米): 2012 平方米
位置/区域: Sankampaeng
乡镇区: Tonpao
距离城市/公里 : 14 公里
售价 : 16,500,000 泰铢

详情 :
SUBJECT PROPERTY LOCATION The subject property is on the Chiang Mai ‐ San Kamphaeng road, which is the main road from Chiang Mai central city to the San Kamphaeng district (a small town on the eastern side of downtown Chiang Mai). The property is conveniently located between the Third Ring Road and San Kamphaeng village. To access the site, customers need to drive for 30 minutes or 15 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai international airport is located 30 minutes or 17 kilometers from San Kamphaeng district. SITE PHYSICAL CONDITION The SDM factory has been constructed on a 1‐rai, 1-Kgan and 3-Wha or 2012 Sqm piece of land. The whole plot is registered at one title deed (=official land-ownership document from the Thailand government), which is therefore easy to transfer at the San Kamphaeng land department to a possible new owner. The site has a square shape, can be easily accessed, is only 100 meters from the main road and therefore perfect for delivery of supplies and transportation of the ready-made products. The site is also connected to the electricity supply from the PEA (=Provincial Electricity Authority) and has its own dedicated transformer, to supply a balanced electricity output to the factory machinery, controlled by the MDB-system (=Main-distribution board).

Sales price factory 12,7 M Baht.
Sales price land at 7,500 Baht per Sq. Wha times 503 = 3,8 M Baht.
Total asking price: 16,5 M Baht.
We recommend to use the earlier mentioned 1 M Baht for the refurbishing of the factory, as part of the final price during the negotiations.

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安全码: 57712


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